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Wii Fit Girl’s Boyfriend is a huge tool

You may remember the story about Lauren Bernat, the Miami girl who played Wii Fit and became an internet sensation. Well the other day they were on the Tyra Banks show (or “Tyra” wtf) and he took his pants off and did the Wii Fit hula hoop for a second.

The YouTube description calls it payback but it actually looks like they’re cashing in.

September 22nd, 2008 | share

WiiFit girl is a Miami native

You may have seen this video in the past week or so. In the video, titled “Why every guy should buy their girlfriend a Wii”, Lauren Bernat is taped by her boyfriend doing the hula hoop game in WiiFit. Well it turns out Lauren is actually from Miami, and from what I’ve heard, she actually used to be on the key everyday hanging with some of the midside warriors.

The video took off and has received over 2 million views. She apparently had no idea it was being filmed, and freaked out when it became so popular.I had an inkling it had to be from around here because butts like that are native to Miami, but now an article in the herald has confirmed it. The video has been so popular people even thought it might be a bit of viral marketing on Nintendo’s part (it’s not).

[via Miami Herald]

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