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KBYC Tarpon Tournament 1st Day Results

I just got this e-mail from Austin talking about the first day of Ha-Ha’s KBYC Working Man Tarpon Tournament.

“Hi All,

We had a good showing of boats for the first day of fishing. Not that good of a showing for Tarpon, but there are still 3 more days left of fishing! If you took a lay-day yesterday, congratulations.

However, the slow fishing did not stop a couple of boats from Tarpon releases. The Reel Teezer (Capt. Dr. Tano) leads the field with 2 releases, although there have been several allegations that they were fishing Government Cut. The Committee boat is investigating further but they are the official day one leaders.

In second and third place is the Grouper Finger and the Labrador/On the Edge. Jochi and Kunkel suprised everyone by their release, although it is rumored they had an unregistered release man on the Grouper Finger (Chino). Labrador’s son apparently has their release on video, so we will be looking for that on YouTube.

Our vodka stash that was donated by Grand Touring Vodka was held hostage by the KBYC yesterday, since the club was closed and we could not access the care package. We are looking forward to that spicing things up over the next few days.

There are several categories of fishing that are still wide-open including DNA Swabb Releases, Female Angler, Junior Angler and Fly Releases. If none of these are won, the prizes by default go to the Committee Boat (The Branch Office).

Good luck to all the anglers on day number 2! Please report all releases and do all trash talking on channel 72. You can also tune into Rat Radio, local Key Biscayne radio broadcasting, for great tunes and some tournament updates on 104.7 FM.

Keep your lines tight!”

Even though the tournament has already started, you can still participate. Just e-mail Austin at austin.tellam at gmail.

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