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No One’s Listening Show Ep. 37 – “The New Oasis”

A big crowd this week as we sit with Carlos from the Oasis for a talk on the future of this Key Biscayne landmark.

01:35 – Trivia: What was at the Panky before the Panky? What year did Vernon’s close its doors?
03:20 – Weekend Talk
Talk of the Town
09:15 – Hit and Run
19:35 – Oceana Sonesta Development breaks ground
20:45 – Legal Beagle explains hit & run
23:00 – Chase Bank is coming
23:50 – The Drunk Monk reported missing
27:35 – Antonio Banderas coming to Stefano’s Saturday 2/25 at 3pm
The Oasis Interview
29:50 – Intro and the vision
36:50 – The water cooler
38:05 – The prices
41:05 – The uniforms
44:20 – The separate pay station
48:05 – The personal connection
50:25 – Discount Gas to redesign in conjunction with Oasis
52:10 – The expansion and Latin market
55:45 – Now with more English
1:00:50 – The Super Burger is out
1:01:40 – Warm food displays
1:02:25 – Trivia Answer
1:03:55 – Jean: “It was a Gulf station!”
1:04:10 – The Cuban link
1:07:05 – APB: A black bike
1:08:30 – KB news scraps

Length: 01:11:56s (32.9MB)

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February 21st, 2012 | share

No One’s Listening Show Ep. 36 – “Cross-Pollination”

I (rafa) almost flip out Bill O’Reilly style before the show when it looks like we won’t be able to record, but we get it all sorted out and the show goes on.

01:45 – Trivia: What and where was Shady Grove and why would a Key Rat go there?
03:15 – Weekend Talk
11:05 – Grassroots Music Festival recap
Talk of the Town
18:15 – Rumor: KB Burgers closing
19:15 – Rumor: Plans for the Vernon’s/Blockbuster space
20:15 – Pinners circlejerk
21:45 – Trivia answer and Shady Grove talk
26:20 – Rumor: Pino’s at the Towers is dead, Vito to move in?
28:50 – Traffic calming approved, coming to every street
40:05 – Key Rat adult softball
41:25 – Sonesta groundbreaking
42:10 – Mark replaces Mort
42:40 – The Miami Marine Stadium needs $20m
44:10 – Stabbing over $180
45:20 – Key Biscayne GOP primary results
46:30 – Open space is out but in
49:50 – Valentine’s laughs
52:10 – Valentine’s plans
55:15 – The Oasis is open to suggestions

Length: 01:03:12s (28.9MB)

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February 14th, 2012 | share

No One’s Listening Show Ep. 14

This week’s show started small with only me talking, but 20 minutes in guests begin to arrive. Some topics discussed include:

45 Years of Islander
Walgreens coming to the key?
The Key Rendezvous
Julián Assange

Length: 01h13m11s (33.3MB)

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September 13th, 2011 | share

No One’s Listening Show Ep. 12

We’re back from break and we’re talking about the approved Sonesta plan, a new concert series in the Green, Nixon Beach, strange happenings at Public Works, and more.

Length: 59m33s (27.1MB)

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August 30th, 2011 | share

No One’s Listening Show Ep. 9

This week it’s just me and G-man talking about the 4th of July. We also talk a bit about a new park on the key, zoning backlash, late night food, 7-11, and more.

Length: 58m56s (26.8MB)

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