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Sunset football

October 12th, 2012 | share

No One’s Listening Show Ep. 25

We reach a milestone: 25 episodes. We go on a little long on weekend talk but come back around with some insight on new Oasis plans, red light cameras, and more.

01:05 – Weekend Talk
09:05 – Frisbee Talk, more Weekend
20:00 – A whole new Oasis is on the drawing board
32:40 – Island House is made for Rat Radio
33:33 – Red Light Cameras: 50% of infractions are by Key residents
38:15 – What the ‘RK’ means on all the Key Rats sports uniforms.
40:20 – No respect for crosswalks
43:25 – Jauregui for mayor
44:05 – Charter High School talk
47:50 – Segafredo coming to the key?
56:50 – Are there too many food trucks on the island?
1:01:15 – Fireworks and Village Manager talk
1:04:00 – Key Biscayne trivia
1:06:35 – Stiltsville’s legal status

Length: 01:11:26s (32.5MB)

Download MP3: No One’s Listening Show Ep. 25 (right click to save)

November 29th, 2011 | share

No One’s Listening Show Ep. 15

A relatively short show this week. The main topic was the closing of the Linda B. We also discuss shaving Al’s head live on the air.

Length: 39m17s (33.3MB)

Download MP3: No One’s Listening Show Ep. 15 (right click to save)

September 21st, 2011 | share

Ibis Lounge – Is this the watering hole we’ve always wanted?

The Ibis Lounge

Apparently this place, the Ibis Lounge, is set to open tomorrow (Tuesday). This is a real bonafide bar/lounge,  not some restaurant with a bar ala Linda B or Sushi Siam. It’s been in the making for about a year now with a “coming soon” sign that’s been on the windows. It’s located at the Key Colony Plaza shopping center, near the back.

We have to make this place ours, guys. Linda B. is the only other bar on the key and it’s completely dominated by the key’s old guard. This place has real potential, and considering we’re probably the biggest demographic of bar patrons on the key, it only makes sense. Hopefully the prices are good enough not to price us out. We are, after all, the demographic that tailgates at Yacht Club Friday-nighters to avoid paying for drinks.

I’ll be at this place at around 9pm on Wednesday to check it out if you want to come by and have a drink. I’d go on the opening night but I figure it will be packed with the owner and his friends.

October 27th, 2008 | share

One Twelve House

Here’s the video for the party last week, in all it’s 90s sitcom glory. Bear with my singing.

April 11th, 2008 | share



What started c.2002 as an effort to start a free radio station has evolved into an on and off radio station and a somewhat consistent radio show / podcast.

Live on 101.1 in Key Biscayne