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No One’s Listening Show Ep. 39 – “Lightning Strikes”

I badger the panel about hotel-only but they’re not having any of it, then we switch to talking about the proposed reduction in speed limits.

01:05 – Key Biscayne Trivia
03:55 – Weekend
09:15 – Marlins report
Talk of of the Town
12:05 – Silver Sands council meeting
24:55 – Put it up on a poll
29:35 – Reducing the speed limit on the Rickenbacker to 35mph
37:00 – Drivers are paranoid
41:50 – Enforcement ramps up this past week
43:30 – Nixon beach swim zone passes; $50k to implement buoys; easy shortcut
46:35 – Mashta swim zone
47:40 – Lightning detectors go live
52:05 – CVS to expand into former Chicken Kitchen space
55:25 – Las Olas Key Colony HOA meeting gets violent
01:05:55 – We can’t reach consensus on the trivia answer, so here’s a diagram of all of them.

Length: 01:10:41s (32.2MB)

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Listen to the music of Rat Radio

Maybe you don’t have a radio, or maybe you don’t live on the Key, but you’re yearning for some Rat Radio and that sweet island sound. No problem, we’ve got a playlist here for you that can transport you back to the Key when you need it.

It’s not every exact song that plays on Rat Radio, but it’s pretty damn close. It’s not live, but you can skip songs.

Rat Radio playlist on Grooveshark

Just click that link, hit the ‘Play All’ button on the following page and then hit the shuffle button the bottom and you’ve got yourself your own little Rat Radio.

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No One’s Listening Show Ep. 27

Another week, another show. The big news this week surrounds the ongoing deals about the entrance block to Key Biscayne.

00:50 – Weekend Talk
04:05 – Winterfest Boat Parade
15:10 – Fresh entrance block info. Chase, CVS, Walgreens, a hotel and more
33:10 – Key Biscayne picks John Gilbert as manager
35:10 – PSA: Menorah lighting and toy drives
36:35 – KB Chamber of Commerce’s poor choice of nominees for their awards
39:05 – Heidelberg Deli, the new German place
45:30 – The Key Biscayne Historical Society will have a meeting
45:45 – The Rusty Pelican revamp
46:25 – Police blotter
53:20 – Traffic calming coming to almost every street
57:20 – Art in Public places is considering new installation spots
1:02:00 – Key Biscayne trivia

Length: 01:06:12s (30.3MB)

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No One’s Listening Show Ep. 26

When you get a lot of guests it can get a little hectic, but we try and reign it in to talk about some Key stuff.

00:45 – Weekend Talk / Winterfest
12:35 – Police Reports
16:30 – Lichtenstein Returned (Photo of the piece)
20:20 – Manny sends a text
22:40 – Key Rat girls to debut a show tonight at 8pm!
24:35 – Cyclists Talk
32:35 – Vote for the Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce Awards LINK
39:35 – Key Biscayne teacher wins $25k for being great
42:50 – We sing the Key Biscayne Elementary School song and talk about Mrs. Naruns.
44:40 – Council wants to ban texting while driving on the Key
47:40 – 4th of July Parade needs a new motto LINK
51:35 – Christmas Trees and the Winterfest Boat Parade
55:00 – Council Talk
56:35 – Trivia and Frisbee

Length: 01:02:02s (28.2MB)

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No One’s Listening Show Ep. 23

A snoozer this week so we ramble a bit.

00:45 – Weekend talk
08:15 – Beach restoration
11:35 – Port tunnel
13:20 – Sun Pass at the toll
17:30 – Thanksgiving and the holidays
27:30 – Village manager selection
33:00 – Key Rats Football
34:05 – Lighthouse Run
36:05 – Run race results

Length: 51m29s (23.4MB)

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What started c.2002 as an effort to start a free radio station has evolved into an on and off radio station and a somewhat consistent radio show / podcast.

Live on 101.1 in Key Biscayne