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No One’s Listening Show Ep. 31

Much to talk about this week, including a lofty discussion on the language barriers on the Key.

01:20 – Key Biscayne Trivia
04:10 – Weekend talk
04:40 – Caller nails the trivia
15:25 – Bristol’s Camera closing its doors Jan. 28th
19:55 – Bad Nixon impression
21:30 – Green Market is back every Saturday
23:30 – The Island Shop changes owners
24:45 – Jauregui rants on the Oasis
26:20 – Police Reports
30:05 – Jauregui is profiled
32:00 – KB Chamber awards has a silver lining
33:50 – We go for 20 minutes on Spanish speaking coaches and the language divisions on the island
56:30 – Rat Radio Anniversary?
57:00 – Mayor Kelly’s vision for 2012, population growth, and some field talk

Length: 1:09:52s (31.9MB)

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January 10th, 2012 | share

No One’s Listening Show Ep. 6

This week on the show we talk for over an hour about Key Biscayne. As always we start off a little too sober and loosen up as the show goes along.

Some topics discussed:
The Sonesta Project
The Beaches
Police Blotter
This amazing website:
4th of July Parade (as always)
Dog Park?
High School?
KB Trivia

Length: 1h13m49s

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June 14th, 2011 | share



What started c.2002 as an effort to start a free radio station has evolved into an on and off radio station and a somewhat consistent radio show / podcast.

Live on 101.1 in Key Biscayne