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Cocowalk to get new Movie theater; Bowling Alley

I took the bowling image from some other blog

According to the Coconut Grove Grapevine Cocowalk will be seeing some renovations soon. There’s not much detail at the moment, but it’s confirmed that the old AMC theaters are out, with a new Muvico megaplex coming. The new theater will have a restaurant and bar, as well as all the things you’d expect from a new theater, such as stadium seating and big seats like the one’s you’re used to at Sunset Place.

Cocowalk will also be getting a Lucky Strike Lanes, like the one in South Beach. It’s all expected to open October 2009.

The whole thing is much needed, in my opinion. Cocowalk has become this decrepit place where no one goes except noobs/tourists who don’t know where else to check out. The movie theater now is a derelict shadow of it’s former self complete with weird smells, uncomfortable seats, and poor visibility when there’s a crowd.

The bowling alley (which includes a lounge) will be a nice change of pace from Greenstreets and the other bars. Hopefully they can rival some of the drink specials.

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