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Listen to the music of Rat Radio

Maybe you don’t have a radio, or maybe you don’t live on the Key, but you’re yearning for some Rat Radio and that sweet island sound. No problem, we’ve got a playlist here for you that can transport you back to the Key when you need it.

It’s not every exact song that plays on Rat Radio, but it’s pretty damn close. It’s not live, but you can skip songs.

Rat Radio playlist on Grooveshark

Just click that link, hit the ‘Play All’ button on the following page and then hit the shuffle button the bottom and you’ve got yourself your own little Rat Radio.

January 16th, 2012 | share

Milo Antics Live at the Ibis

Milo Antics Live at the Ibis Key Biscayne

June 21st, 2011 | share

KeyRats Live at Cefalo’s Friday

keyrats: shady characters

Been jonesing for some KeyRats? This Friday they’ll be playing live at Cefalo’s in the Grove. From what I understand it’ll be a happy hour type of event, from 8pm to midnight. The KeyRats will be playing acoustic (whatever that means) and will be playing a mix of originals and covers.

I heard the last happy hour event in Grove Isle went pretty well, so don’t be reluctant to pass by and see what’s going on.

May 15th, 2008 | share

Outereach in the Herald; CD Release Tomorrow


Outereach is making moves. They have an article about them in the Herald’s new website, and they have their new album coming out tomorrow. The article is a bit of a fluff piece; it talks about how the band has a great sound, and how they’ve been around for a while. It finishes with a great Miami cliche, mentioning how the new album “…includes a cornucopia of songs — exactly what you would expect from a band gathering its influences from a melting pot like Miami.”

Don’t let that detract, you, though. Outereach does have a great sound, and if their last album is anything to go by, this new album should be great. The album release party is being held tomorrow night at Flavour. Get out there to the Grove and check it out.

[Outereach wesbite]

May 1st, 2008 | share

There’s a new Florida state song!

I bet you didn’t even know there was an old Florida state song; shows what a Floridian you are. Well there was, and it kicked ass. The only problem is that it was a bit offensive; in particular a line about “darkies” in the chorus. It’s called Old Folks at Home. Here it is being sung by the beautiful Rosa Ponselle.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “how could they replace such a kick-ass song? Nothing can compare!,” but the truth is the song has its flaws. For one, the already mentioned offensiveness. Then there’s the guy who wrote the song, Stephen Foster. He wasn’t even from Florida, and he didn’t write the song for or about Florida. He chose one lyric (“Way down upon the Swanee river”) about Florida because it sounded right, and that’s it.

Now we have the new song. This song is actually written by Jan Hinton, a Pompano Beach music teacher. The song is written for and about Florida, and after listening to it only once, it already held a special place in my heart, as I’m sure it will yours too. It’s called (wait for it): Florida.

Now you know what to sing if you’re feeling like a proud Floridian. If for any reason you’re feeling like a proud Floridian and a proud Key Rat, you can always sing Florida, and then follow that with the KBES school song. Sorry, there’s no YouTube video for that one (yet!).

April 24th, 2008 | share



What started c.2002 as an effort to start a free radio station has evolved into an on and off radio station and a somewhat consistent radio show / podcast.

Live on 101.1 in Key Biscayne