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One Twelve House

Here’s the video for the party last week, in all it’s 90s sitcom glory. Bear with my singing.

April 11th, 2008 | share

Party in the ‘ville

This is it. It might be the last time it happens. You’ve heard about these parties for a while, but you’ve never been. Well now is your chance. As expected, 10 kegs and a DJ. I can’t say exactly how many people, but it’s a huge amount. Here’s a picture:

Notice it's all chicks. That's really how good the ratio is.

The whole thing goes down this Friday, the 4th. The drive isn’t that bad so why don’t you make your way up. Get a book on tape if you need it. Here’s a map. Need more proof? Hit the jump to watch the most epic party video I’ve ever filmed.


April 1st, 2008 | share



What started c.2002 as an effort to start a free radio station has evolved into an on and off radio station and a somewhat consistent radio show / podcast.

Live on 101.1 in Key Biscayne