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The Grapevine Ep. 11 – “Boat Days Are Here Again”

It’s warm enough to get back in the ocean, and the girls discuss tips for being out on the water as well as some Valentine’s recaps and upcoming events.

00:45 – Weekend
08:40 – Play of the Week
11:30 – Braces dude
14:25 – Boat season is here
20:50 – Full Moon Party
24:05 – Visitors come to the station
26:45 – Valentine’s on the Key
39:15 – Health Time
39:50 – Candy’s going on a diet
42:50 – Events – Food & Wine Fest, the Lipton
49:05 – Happy hours and wind down

Length: 54:18s (24.8MB)

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February 22nd, 2012 | share



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