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No One’s Listening Show Ep. 94 – “Haiku Master”

Have you ever wondered where you should go for the most affordable beer on the key? We’ve got the answer, as well as talk of astroturf, drugs, trees, and more.

00:30 – Weekend Talk
03:35 – Haiku world champ
08:25 – Key Rat Ultimate Summer Tourney

Talk of the Town
14:40 – Astroturf approved at VG
16:35 – Sick trees at VG (Not Baobab)
18:50 – Turtles don’t like renourished sand
21:25 – Banning medical marijuana shops on the key
25:15 – Key mom leads charge against dealers
39:30 – Best beer prices on KB

What are you listening to?

  • Gman: Willie Nelson – On the Road Again
  • Ana: Shocking Blue – Deamon Lover
  • Griff: Moondog – Birds Lament
  • Rafa: The Fuzzie Bunnies – Heaven is in Your Mind
  • GK: Chaz Bundick meets the Matson – Disco Kid


  • 5/20 – Chicken Liquor Live at Rat Radio

01:07:00 – Shoutouts

Length: 01:10:51s (25.6MB)

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