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No One’s Listening Show Ep. 87 – “Tools on the Mixer”

Lots of things happened this week. Did you know they’re going to raise the intersection at Heather and Fernwood? Also, the dog park referendum is not happening.

00:15 – Weekend Talk
10:20 – KRUST Recap
17:45 – What are you listening to?

Talk of the Town
23:15 – Calusa Park path to be paved all the way
26:40 – Running for Council
32:40 – Speed bumps coming to many streets
37:10 – Cited for not locking your bike at home
40:30 – Artificial turf and the cost of village projects
45:20 – Dog park here to stay, no referendum
46:55 – What do you eat? Golden Hog
KB Calendar

  • 6/17 – KBYC Bimini Rendezvous
  • 6/18 – KRUST Final at St Agnes
  • 7/4 – 4th of July Parade

Length: 01:10:02s (25.3MB)

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June 15th, 2016 | share



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