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No One’s Listening Show Ep. 69 – “The one where Ana hosts”

Ana hosts a fun night and brings on Alex Batlle as a very special guest.

02:05 – Trivia
03:45 – Weekend Talk
12:35 – What are you listening to?

Talk of the Town
24:45 – Graffiti being removed from Marine Stadium
25:40 – 4th of July Parade Skydive
32:30 – KBer Miguel Hine beat up and robbed in Miami
36:00 – Work trucks can’t park on the street
40:30 – Hispanic name keychains
42:00 – Old news on the Islander website
42:50 – Golden Hog opens at Key Colony
44:50 – Pita Pocket
50:25 – Alex plays “Zeuts Bayou”
55:50 – Alex plays “Ariel”
59:40 – Alex kinda plays “China Girl”
01:00:40 – Alex plays “Space Oddity”

Length: 01:05:32s (21.8MB)

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January 29th, 2016 | share



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