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No One’s Listening Show Ep. 61 – “Mellow Turkey Talk”

We talk about the recent drug bust and the ethics of selling drugs, the council voting to buy the pocket park at Heather/Hampton, and more on this very mellow post-Thanksgiving show.

00:50 – Weekend Talk
08:05 – What are you listening to?

Talk of the Town
11:55 – Suitcase scare lady revealed
13:05 – Crocodile kills dog at Crandon golf course
19:05 – Council votes yes to buy Heather/Hampton pocket park
26:55 – Entrance block demolition
31:25 – The big drug bust: Kevin from the Beach Club arrested
34:00 – Is it unethical to deal drugs?
42:20 – Kevin and his guns
48:00 – Why no trivia?
49:40 – Ana calls in / Art Alert
52:10 – Talking about the radio
1:00:00 – Boat Show updates

Length: 01:04:00s (24.2MB)

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