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No One’s Listening Show Ep. 58 – “Garden. District. Gardendistrict”

We get jazz band Nineties Color to close the show, and they’re the highlight. Not much news on the island this week. Disregard everything I said about “Ghost Swamp,” as I got everything wrong, including the gender of the artist.

00:47 – Trivia
01:50 – Weekend Talk
17:15 – What are you listening to?

Talk of the Town
20:35 – KB Woman’s Club Pecan sales starting soon
21:25 – Lighthouse Run this Saturday Nov. 14th
22:50 – Round the Island Regatta Nov. 28th
25:05 – Nail Salon Gossip – Vito’s Closed
28:45 – Consultant: Village needs 105-124 parking spaces
36:10 – Garden District Block Party
40:50 – Ghost Swamp gets rejected
45:00 – Nineties Color performs

Length: 01:14:02s (22.8MB)

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