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No One’s Listening Show Ep. 47 – “Li’l Berlin Wall”

The Frisbee tournament is coming up and so is a 30″ wall around the Village Green playground.

00:30 – Key Biscayne Trivia
01:25 – Weekend talk
04:10 – Trivia answer
Talk of the Town
17:05 – Frisbee Tournament is on
22:30 – Group of cyclists ticketed for illegal U-turn
25:40 – The end for Scotty’s Landing?
31:20 – Fishermen making a mess on the Mashta bridge
35:45 – Wall will be built around playground at Village Green to protect the children
41:25 – Nixon beach buoys nixed; no more swim zone; no Mashta flat protection
43:35 – Council elections 2012; Vice Mayor Michael Kelly will not run
49:15 – Kentucky Derby party at the Yacht Club
51:15 – HaHa’s KBYC Working Mans Tarpon Tournament 2012
54:50 – Wrong number

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May 2nd, 2012 | share



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