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The Grapevine Ep. 10 – “Valentine’s Day”

The girls are back after a break for a very special Valentine’s show this week that isn’t afraid to get candid. It’s so hot you might burn yourself.

03:55 – Week in review
12:40 – Going out for Valentine’s
18:05 – Does sex make you healthier?
21:25 – Top 10 ways to reject someone
32:00 – Key guys are different
38:40 – 5 things men want in bed but are afraid to ask
47:30 – 5 things girls want but don’t ask
54:55 – Where to pick up women
58:25 – Places to hide your vibe

Length: 01:01:43s (28.2MB)

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February 15th, 2012 | share



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