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Joe’s Tiki Bar this Friday the 20th

About a month ago I went over to Joe’s Tiki Bar, a little outdoor bar right by the Rusty Pelican. They were having a live music night. This Friday it’s going on again and I’m recommending it because it’s a good time with a live band at a cheap place right on Virginia Key. It’s not the Bayside Hut, in case the description sounds similar. It’s at the entrence to the Rusty Pelican, right behind Yage (or whatever it’s called now).

Oh, and you want to hear the best part? ANYONE WITH A KEY BISCAYNE ADDRESS ON THEIR LICENSE GETS A FREE SHOT OF JAEGER. Prefferential treatment, how can I resist?

The two live bands are Milo Antics, playing from 6 to 8, and then Uprooted, playing from 8 to 12. I heard these guys last time and they’ve got a real key rat vibe; like some grungey reggae action.

For fuck’s sake let’s not go to Monty’s, lets go here.

February 18th, 2009 | share



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