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Key News Bites

I feel like I don’t have time to write all the news that needs to go on this site. I’m sitting here in class ignoring the professor to knock out these updates:

Key cops to get Tasers – Yep, that’s right. First the positive: the money comes from federal funds, so none of our direct taxes are being spent on these things (They cost over a grand each!). The downside: expect to hear about someone getting ‘tased’ for arguing about a traffic ticket; it happens everywhere cops have tasers.

Sir Pizza opens in the Gables – Right by Coral Gables High. I’m hearing only good things. The best thing: Gables people won’t come to the Key to have Sir Pizza (hehe).

Meeting to discuss the property next to the Sun Trust on Saturday the 14th – if you’re like me, you don’t have a shred of love for anyone. Valentine’s day is the perfect time to discuss government use of property. If you’re interested in giving your opinion on what the village should do with the property, the workshop is from 9am to Noon.

Some people want to ban golf carts – I don’t know all the details, but the Islander News and the council have both had discussions about golf carts as a nuisance. Personally, I feel like golf carts are one of the few remaining charming aspects in this McParadise we’ve created. The council should consider banning cars before they ban carts, and maybe they should fight a little harder over control of Crandon Blvd. Sure it’s a county road, but it’s on our island.

Someone broke the Mashta Fountain – yea, someone drove right into it. They received a careless driving ticket.

The village wants to put out a newsletter – Yes, the same village who can’t update their website properly wants to put out an e-mail newsletter. Instead they should get a webmaster to update the site, considering they already pay for hosting. I’m available.

Finally, I’m probably going to get rid of the pic of the day and the albums, because I barely post pictures. Instead I’ll just upload pictures into posts. It just makes more sense.

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