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Still alive here

People have been bothering me to post something here, even though there hasn’t been any real news and I’ve been out of town.

Anyway, I heard on Thursday from one person that there was a murder in Key Colony. I never heard it from anyone else so take it with a grain of salt until this week’s Islander comes out.

Also, here’s a video of Outereach playing a song. The video and song are old but I only heard it like last week.


Update 01.20.09 – Where there’s smoke there’s a fire. The dead guy is not dead. His name is Otto Ramos, he’s the manager for one of the Key Colony home owners associations, and he was badly beaten last Thursday by a group of people. Poor guy had to be hospitalized, which probably explains the murder rumors. There’s a $5000 reward to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest of the perps.

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