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KB Speed Lap Record Shattered – 12m34s

It’s official, the KB Speed Lap record has been destroyed not once but twice in the past week. As you may remember, a couple of weeks ago Andy Blanco set the record at a modest 20minutes 49seconds. Just last week, Jess “JKrunk” Kunkel set out to beat that record and beat it by a whopping FIVE minutes, to finish at 15minutes 23seconds.

Jess on Betsy

Before I could even get my hands on a good picture of Jess and his boat so I could post it up here, Piero Porcari went and shattered Jess’ record last friday, by an astonishing 3 minutes. The new record now stands at a blistering 12minutes 34seconds. Just to give you an idea of how fast that is, I calculated the KB Lap to be about 11 miles when cutting the flats. If Piero did it in 12 minutes, he was going an average speed of 55 mph!

Piero destroying the record

Congrats to Piero; I have a feeling he’ll be holding that top spot for a really long time. Still, to keep it competitive, I’ve added boat lengths and horsepower in case you want to compare yourself.

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