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Keyrats invade Gainesville this Weekend

UM vs UF vs the Keyrats

This weekend, in Gainesville, there’s some exciting stuff going down. First and foremost, UM will be playing UF. Because of the occasion, hundreds of Miami fans are coming up to watch the game and to party or sulk, depending on the outcome.

The Keyrats, seeing as so many of their fans will be about, will be playing not once but twice during the weekend. Here it is straight from the source:

FRIDAY NIGHT- Froggy’s Midnight Tailgate @ Silver Q. Forget the midtown madness, this is the best Friday night around.
Downstairs- The KEYRATS will be setting the mood as Gainesville’s best pool bar party pops off. Upstairs- DJ WillBuck and DJ Peekay will be tearing it down in the Peach Pit.

SATURDAY DAYTIME – Orange & Blue Bloc Party @ Links
By far the best outdoor tailgate in Gainesville. Located 100 ft from the stadium on University Ave!!!!! The KEYRATS will be playing throughout the afternoon. The party will feature
-8 LCD TV’s
-6 Beertubs
-10 bartenders
-DJ WillBuck

So, for all of those going up to Gainesville to support the Canes or the Gators, come party with the KEYRATS all weekend long!!!!

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