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Key Rat Stickers in copyright mess

The sticker in question.

My friend Mauro, proprietor of Elemental “Product Spot” in the Gables, is a little frustrated right now. He’s created various Key Biscayne themed designs for shirts and stickers, all of which are highly original and creative. Now he’s come to find out that someone has copied one of his designs and has been distributing stickers.

The details are scarce. Have the stickers been sold? No one can be sure. The thing about copyright, though, is that it doesn’t matter if they’ve been sold or not. Fair use limits a person, in this case, to reproduce the design for personal use; making your own sticker or a poster is fine. The line is crossed when things are distributed, even for free.

If you have any info as to any of this, post a comment or drop a line.

August 19th, 2008 | share



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