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Watching Movies Alone with Pablo Bo Bablo

Hey, I watch movies and sometimes they’re cool and sometimes they’re boring and that’s pretty much the extent of these reviews.

The Counterfeiters – Good Stuff

21- Bah


The Kingdom – Cool

3:10 to Yuma – Cool too

The Counterfeiters is a well done movie that’s real entertaining. I was kind of disappointed to find it turn into a holocaust move because from then on you know the drill but either way the movie still manages to stay fresh. It’s got some interesting moral conflicts and shit like that but the best part of the movie is probably the main character, Salomon. He’s a small ugly Russian motherfucker who bangs hot chicks and beats the shit out of assholes. It’s funny, sad, and exciting. Go see it.

Step one, step two, step three; 21 is pretty much as formula as you can get. You know the whole movie as soon as the first scene hits the screen. The dialogue is funny and it’s filmed well and all, but it’s still probably not worth your time. Don’t see this movie because you’ve already seen it a million times.


The Kingdom is some action packed shite dealing with some good old fashioned motherfucking Americans against their arch-nemesis: the no-good terrorists. The only problem with this movie is that it’s filmed worse than The Blair Witch Project. The cinematography is absolutely distracting when you get to see every possible angle of Jamie Foxx’s face before he finishes a single sentence. It’s also really annoying to have them go and squeeze three close up shots into one rowdy-ass explosion that should have just been left alone. Despite this, it still pulls through as a good movie.

3:10 to Yuma was a pretty interesting movie. It’s got its action but it’s also got the kind of story you’ve never heard before. There’s definitely some bad casting calls here(see if you know who I’m talking about) but it doesn’t ruin anything . If you’re not into westerns though, then don’t even bother.

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