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Winter Music Conference + Ultra 2008

I don’t really get too excited for the Winter Music Conference; I’m just not very interested in the whole DJ and club music scene. That said, the WMC brings with it the best talent in the industry, and they all descend into Miami Beach for one long weekend a year. I say long weekend because the whole thing starts off today and goes through Saturday night, with Friday and Saturday playing host to Ultra fest.

What you can expect is that every club on the beach will be packed through Saturday with world renowned DJs and their fans. Getting into any decent club on the beach will probably be impossible, and if you do manage to get in, it’ll be packed with a bunch of dudes (because they make up the majority of hardcore fans). If this is your scene, or maybe you just want to catch your favorite DJ in a small venue, get to the beach this week.

Maybe instead you’d rather just rave one or two days, outside and surrounded by a bunch of zombies. Then just head over to Bicentennial Park on Friday or Saturday and be sure to take a lot of Vick’s Vapo Rub.

[Winter Music Conference – Official Site]

[Ultra Music Festival – Official Site]

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