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Watching Movies Alone with Pablo Bo Bablo

Hey, I watch movies and sometimes they’re cool and sometimes they’re boring and that’s pretty much the extent of these reviews. (And I encourage you to agree or disagree.)

Funny Games – Thought provoking


Death Proof – Siiiick

No Country for Old Men – Awesome

Atonement – Jesus Christ

Funny Games is a weird flick. It’s a shot by shot remake of a 1997 German movie and it’s directed and written by some psychology major named Michael Haneke. The deal is, if you’re looking for another of those Saw movies or things of that nature then you probably won’t like this film because it’s intended as more of a slap at the hand of torture porn audiences. All I know is that I found it pretty interesting. Most importantly though is that it left me thinking. Not just about its message, but of how it delivered it and if I agreed with it. So based on this alone I’d say it’s good. The cinematography is also real cool and the acting is great.


It’s a late review, but I caught Death Proof on the T.V and man, I was impressed. It’s real fun and real gripping and the whole B-movie style is great to watch. There was, unfortunately, one part of the movie that I found so hard to sit through because neither the dialogue nor the characters were good at all. You’ll know what part this is and when it hits; just bear with it and what comes after will be well worth the ache. This is only a taste of what’s to come from Tarantino whose next project is a war movie entitled Inglorious Bastards. Yes.

No Country for Old Men is out on DVD now but it’s also still in theaters. I thought this movie was amazing but besides how good it is, it’s also an experience and so it works much better watching it in the right environment. Make it dark, blast the volume and be awake. The less you know about it, the better.

Holy shit, Atonement, put me in a coma for weeks. The movie starts off really good and is nothing like you’d expect because the story is crazy, the technique is awesome, and Keira Knightley is hot. But then, about a quarter into it, everything goes wrong. The movie develops a slow motion pace, the story is hardly worth the time, and suddenly Keira Knightley looks about as attractive as a corpse. It’s probably a good eight dollar nap, but you’re better off just staying away from this long boring dump.

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