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Why you should comment

The site has just got back on its feet, and while everything isn’t moving at 100% speed, there is a certain thing that you, as a reader, can do to make it that much more interesting. You should try commenting.

When you comment, regardless of what you say, it makes the site a little more compelling. People who read the stories can see what others, like yourself, have to say. Or maybe you don’t want to comment on the story, but you want to call attention to something else. That’s fine too. The best part about commenting, though, is that the next time you visit the site, you can look forward to a reply to your comment (as long as it’s opinionated enough to solicit a response).

Another great aspect about the comments is that all new comments are posted on the sidebar right on every page, so people can see just what everyone is talking about, and maybe garner some more comments.

Bottom line, you have something to say, so just say it. Make up a little internet name, like Mandingo or something, and just use it every time. There’s no need to register, just put your name and an email (it can even be a fake email! it won’t ever be shown), and write what’s on your mind.

Go on, you know you want to hit that leave a comment link.

March 11th, 2008 | share



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