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Watching Movies Alone with Pablo Bo Bablo

Hey, I watch movies and sometimes they’re cool and sometimes they’re boring and that’s pretty much the extent of these reviews. (And I encourage you to agree or disagree.)

Semi-Pro – funny, but comes with a catch.


Beowulf – rowdy.

American Gangster – fucking long.

Semi-Pro made me laugh and I wasn’t bored but I don’t know if it was worth the trip to the theater. I’d rather find this one on television or DVD. It was probably just as good or maybe a little worse then all those Will Ferrel movies that came after the glorious Anchorman. Anyways, that new movie of his, Step Brothers, looks funny as shit.


I’ve heard some people didn’t like Beowulf but I thought it was pretty awesome. It’s got everything you’d want in a movie. It’s an Action/Drama/Comedy/Porn and it’s great. Besides the fact that you’re probably awing at the visual effects of this movie until the credits roll, like I said, it’s got everything. It gets a little slow in the middle but definitely picks back up with its ridiculously rowdy ending.

American Gangster is this movie that I thought I should like but didn’t. The main thing about it though is that it’s long. It’s a tough fucking watch. I think I’d of liked it more if I could take like three intermissions throughout it because while it’s entertaining, it’s just long. Too much jibba jabba at the beginning too.

What You Should Rent:

Do the Right Thing – This is a Spike Lee movie that, out of the ones that I’ve seen, is definitely his best. It does, of course, deal with racism (it seems the poor guy just doesn’t know what the hell else to make a movie about), but it’s also got a lot of other good shit and gives a better perspective on the issue than I’ve seen anywhere else. It’s funny and entertaining and real.

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