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Watching Movies Alone with Pablo Bo Bablo

Hey, I watch movies and sometimes they’re cool and sometimes they’re boring and that’s pretty much the extent of these reviews.

Be Kind Rewind – sucked

Charlie Bartlett – piece of shit

In Bruges – pretty alright…

Be Kind Rewind was as disappointing and deceptive as popping in a porno tape to find out someone recorded a first communion over it. The movie sucks and it’s boring. Having one of the best trailers of the year, I was sure with its premise and Jack Black it was gonna be one fucking masterpiece. But the film hardly focuses on the movies that the characters try to recreate and blows them off with a quick montage. I was expecting something awesome for every film dude but instead got some shit about two retarded guys trying to save an old building. It may have been my expectations that ruined the film but it’s the trailer’s fault for giving me the blue balls. And it’s not funny.

Charlie Bartlett was just a piece of shit. This wasn’t surprising because the trailer gave everyone fair warning. The movie is a worse variation of all the other teen movies, from Camp Nowhere to the recent Accepted (I don’t add the classic ’80s teen flicks because they’re much better than this smelly dump). The movie is stupid and unbelievable and its plot and characters are grosser than that movie Hostel. It’s rated R because Charlie gives out prescription medicine to the students and so the movie sabotages itself by banning all the little junior high school kids it was made for. And it’s not funny either.

In Bruges was a pretty alright film despite its shit trailer. They made it hard to watch because of how bad they made it look. The essence of stupid douche is completely encapsulated by Colin Ferrel in the film but his character is a stupid douche so it works. The movie is fun and even though I didn’t feel all the goals in the movie were pursued with a real justified conviction, the journey towards them has got some interesting dialogue and some cool action. And it is funny.

The one good thing I can tell you that all these movies had in common was that each one had a real hot but also likable girl with big boobs.

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